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Less waste, more resources: Re-use and the informal sector in Europe

Posted on 16 April 2012 by Anonymous

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Mon, 2012-09-24
Central Europe project TransWaste
Central Europe project TransWaste
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Sandra Meier

In the Waste Framework Directive 2008 a new waste hierarchy is implemented introducing preparation for re-use as a new important topic. It is recommended that if possible and ecologically advantageous over the whole life cycle waste prevention has to be preferred compared to preparation for re-use, recycling and other waste management measures. At the moment lots of valuable re-useable goods are incinerated or landfilled as a component of bulky waste. This is also true for different WEEE and scrap metal. Therefore strategies are developed to support re-use. At the other hand many people earn their living by selling used items/ waste collected from private households or waste collection centers. This type of informal re-use is neglected or opposed so far. This conference wants to bring together people and/or organisations

• dealing with re-use in general,
• that collect, repair and sell furniture and household goods, which people
donate in an official way,
• dealing with the informal sector in waste management
to give the possibility to learn about and discuss different case studies and solutions for the re-use idea with a special focus on the informal sector.