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International Dialogue on Environmentally Sound Management of E-Waste

posted on 6 March 2012 by Anonymous
The Basel Convention Regional Center for Central America and Mexico (CRCB-CAM), with support from the Basel Convention Regional Center for South America (CRS-CB) and US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), will host this discussion of management...

XII International Congress on Final Solid Wastes Disposition and Environmental Perspectives

posted on 27 June 2012 by Sameera
The Congress was created as a room of convergence for the encounter, knowledge and exchange of experiences and technologies aimed to find solutions on the proper handling and disposal of waste with the participation of national and international...

RELAC: Regional Latin American and Caribbean Platform for Electronic Waste

posted on 16 September 2011 by Anonymous
Relac is the regional Latin American and Caribbean platform for electronic waste. For more information in Spanish you can visit the following weblink.

Web-Resol: Residuos Solidos

posted on 6 March 2012 by Anonymous
This is an interesting web site, managed by Web-Resol, a non profit NGO, dedicated to the dissemination of information related to the environment, sanitation and, more specifically, solid waste management. It provides free access and research within a...

Global Alliance of Waste Pickers

posted on 27 March 2012 by Anonymous
The Global Alliance of Waste Pickers is a networking process among thousands of waste picker organizations with groups in more than 28 countries covering mainly Latin America, Asia and Africa.  Some of the countries where the organization is...

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) for Sustainable Development

posted on 7 July 2010 by Anonymous
Background The PPP-ISWM initiative is a 4 year programme implemented by the UNDP Public-Private Partnerships for Service Delivery (PPPSD) in partnership with the Dutch NGO WASTE Advisers on Urban Environment and Development of Gouda, the...

The Economic Aspects of the Informal Sector in Solid Waste Management

posted on 8 September 2011 by Anonymous
This booklet is about people who earn a livelihood and support their families by extracting value from solid waste. These people are sometimes called rag pickers,waste pickers or scavengers. There are millions of them in cities all around theworld,...

Waste in Catia La Mar, Venezuela

posted on 15 October 2010 by verele
This photo was taken in Catia la Mar, Vargas, Venezuela. It is a medium-sized city where many live in unplanned urban settlements, with difficult accessibility for vehicles and even pedestrians have to negotiate steep stairscases to reach their houses...

Health and Safety Guidelines for Waste Picking

posted on 23 September 2010 by Anonymous
IPES Promoción del Desarrollo Sastenible, in Peru has published a health and safety guide addressing waste pickers and generally waste related professions. The guide is very well illustrated and provides useful and reader-friendly information...

Solid Waste Projects in Peru

posted on 20 January 2011 by Anonymous
  IPES Organization, in Peru, is participating in a series of solid waste management projects. More details on the projects can be found in Spanish on the above weblink.