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Start your Waste Business: A Training Guide

Posted on 04 November 2013 by Anonymous

The entrepreneurship guide “Start your Waste Business” is a training guide for waste recoverers, dealers and small-scale recyclers of recovered materials.

The guide aims to present to the reader four basic steps to take to create a small-scale business in the sector of waste valorization and recycling.

The guide is a basis for a 3-day training offered to project partners and other clients. But but it can also serve for self-study, as it is an interactive document giving the theory in combination with around 30 related exercises and answers. 

The guide is available and downloadable for free at the link below. It has to be noted that the guide is still in a draft version, as it is continuously updated.

For more information or feedback you can contact the author Natalia Agathou at or the sponsor organisation WASTE at