Aluminium Waste

  • What is Aluminium Waste ?

Aluminium is a very expensive non ferrous metal and can therefore produce high incomes for recycling schemes. Alumium waste is produced primarily from two main streams, the production lines of aluminium industry and the alumium as an end-of-life product, after its use by the consmers. In both cases the option of recycling is favourable and widely implemented in many parts of the developed world.

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  • Environmental Benefits of Aluminium Recycling

The European Aluminium Association has published in 2008 an Environmental Profile Report for the European Aluminium Industry creating a Life Cycle Inventory data for aluminium production and transformation processes in Europe. This report presents the development of robust European LCI datasets for the production of primary and recycled aluminium ingots and for the transformation of aluminium ingots into semi-finished products, i.e. sheet, foil and extruded products.

The report can be downloaded from the website of EAA


  • Prices for Aluminium

For more information about prices for aluminium you can visit the London Metal Exchange: