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Angola's National Health Care Waste Management Plan

Posted on 06 July 2012 by Sameera

Health care waste constitutes an important factor concerning environmental degradation, a factor of significant health risk threatening peoples’ quality of life. Thus, managing correctly this specific kind of waste should represent an important concern for governments and deserve a special attention by institutions and the population in every country. As well as in every country around the world, in Angola contaminated waste mismanagement (handling, storage and disposal) raises serious environmental and social concerns. There is an urgent need to evaluate health care waste management and disposal, with special attention to the safety related with health care waste infected by HIV/AIDS and by other transmittable diseases such as tuberculosis. A correct Health Care Waste Management should consider topics like policy and legislative/regulations definition, human resources, financial resources allocation and training and awareness raising programs for people involved in the Health Care Waste subject (health care personnel, cleaning personnel, etc.) and also for general population, with regard to: Infectious diseases (like HIV/AIDS), other transmittable diseases (like tuberculosis) or endemic diseases (like malaria).