Solid Waste Management Publication by UNEP

posted on 19 January 2011 by Anonymous
This Publication looks at the use of technologies that are environmentally sound for managing municipal solid wastes in developing countries. It is designed as a sourcebook on solid waste management, covering a multitude of topics including the...

Public Awareness Brochure for Marine Litter

posted on 20 January 2011 by Anonymous
The UNEP through its programme Regional Seas, has published a pamphlet titled: " What can we do about marine litter?" in order to raise public awareness and sensitize the public on marine litter issues.

Plastic Marine Pollution

posted on 20 January 2011 by Anonymous
An interesting presentation on marine pollution caused from plastic litter in the coast as well as off-shore. The article is enriched with impresive pictures from different places around the world.

Regional Solid Waste Management Project in METAP Mashreq and Maghreb Countries

posted on 24 January 2011 by Anonymous
Financed by European  Commission EU in 2002; IBRD, WB, ANPE, MEDCITIES and GTZ-ERM-GKW implemented a solid waste management project. The main objective is to promote the adoption of sustainable integrated waste management practices through:...

Report Brings to the Surface the Growing Global Problem of Marine Litter

posted on 22 March 2011 by Anonymous
The UNEP's Grid Arendal knowledge center has released a press article reporting on the status of marine litter in the marine environment at a global level, based on the findings of the International Coastal Clean-Up programme launched between 1989-...

Waste Management World: A magazine

posted on 23 March 2011 by Anonymous
Waste Management World is an interesting magazine that provides insights and useful information on waste management related issues. You can find articles classified into the following thematic groups: Collection/Transport Recycling...

Observations of Solid Waste Landfills in Developing Countries: Africa, Asia and Latin America

posted on 20 February 2012 by Anonymous
This report is a World Bank Urban and Local Government Working Paper. The report documents observations from visits in 1997-98 to landfills in the Africa, East Asia and Pacific, and Latin America and Caribbean regions. Specifically, it identifies...

Guidelines for an Appropriate Management of Domestic Sanitary Landfill Sites

posted on 6 March 2012 by Anonymous
A very interesting and reader friendly guiding booklet for getting a basic overview of the main issues regarding selection, construction and operation of sanitary landfills. The guidelines were written by Oeltzschenr and Mutz within the "Urban...

Video on Public Private Partnerships in Lusaka for Solid Waste Management

posted on 14 March 2012 by Anonymous
The video is an interesting documentary on the current integrated waste management system implemented in the city of Lusaka in Zambia. You can see the pre-collection mechanisms, the transfer points as well as the whole part of the recovered materials...

Video with Catadores: Waste Pickers in Gramacho,Brasil

posted on 13 June 2012 by Anonymous
Beyond Gramacho reveals the socio-economic and environmental conditions, struggles and opportunities that are present in informal resource recovery. Over 1,800 Catadores work day and night at the landfill and neighboring recycling cooperatives,...