Source Specific Quantification and Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste: a Review

posted on 1 June 2012 by Anonymous
An interesting article for waste compositions and densities in different countries by Gawaikar and Deshpande. Municipal agencies manage municipal solid wastes from urban areas with the objectives of providing good sanitation facilities as also...

Story of Stuff

posted on 12 July 2010 by verele
An interesting video explaining materials cycle. The Story of Stuff was launched online on December 4, 2007 and is a big success.

Toxics Link

posted on 12 July 2010 by verele
Toxics Link has unique expertise in the areas of hazardous, medical and municipal wastes, as well as in specific issues such as the international waste trade, and the emerging issues of pesticides and POPs.

Campaign on Waste management in Nairobi

posted on 12 July 2010 by ihaenen
The video shows the current living conditions of one part of the Nairobi society, having to deal with increasing waste dumping and lack of health and safety standards in waste management practices. 

Software for Environmental Awareness (SEAHOME)

posted on 15 July 2010 by verele
This website offers a tool to learn to safely and efficiently manage waste, and particularly hazardous waste, in the home. It has been developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Region 5 and Purdue University who have worked...

e-Waste: the National Solid Waste Association of India

posted on 21 July 2010 by Anonymous
A big list of links for e-Waste is provided by the National Solid Waste Association of India. Links are covering most of the aspects regarding e-Waste such as legislation, treatment options, environmental impacts etc.

e-Waste Environmental Impacts

posted on 21 July 2010 by Anonymous
  The World Resources Institute has published a review on e-Waste under the title: ''TOXIC TRADE: The Real Cost Of Electronic Waste Exports from the United States.''

Plastic Resin Prices

posted on 15 September 2010 by Anonymous
The plastics today website provides day-to-day information on prices of plastics of all most commonly traded resins. Prices of plastic resins can also be found on The Plastics Exchange website:


posted on 15 September 2010 by Anonymous
The British Plastics Federation provides an online inclusive and detailed encyclopedia for plastics. Plastic Processes, bio-based and degradable plastics, plastics standards and other information is provided on plastipedia.  

Glass Packaging Institute

posted on 15 September 2010 by Anonymous
The Glass Packaging Institute provides information on collection and recovery best practices for glass materials. More information is provided on Glass Recycling and the Environment, on Community Glass Recycling and Cullet Processors.