Inicio Node Enviro-Management Expert Conference 2012: Waste Management

Enviro-Management Expert Conference 2012: Waste Management

Posted on 12 Marzo 2012 by Anonymous

Fecha y Hora de Inicio: 
Mar, 2012-10-09
High Tatra, Slovakia
Hotel Patria
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Gabriela Stuchlá
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The conference “Enviro-Management 2012” aims at presentation of practical experience and knowledge in this area across the European countries in the widest possible extent.

The different perspectives on waste and waste management projects will be discussed:

  • the added value of  waste management and processing systems for environment, communities, cities and citizens;

  • cost required for implementation and operation of the systems;

  • acceptance of the systems by the general public.

Thematic framework:

  • Waste management in times of financial crises

  • Waste and opportunities of resource scarcity

  • Place of Europe in the globalized recycling market

  • Future of landfilling and its alternatives

  • Implemented waste management projects in Europe